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So, here we are again.  I’ve been busy between a great day job working in both an art and music department and enjoying my first ceramics class.  It’s been incredible.  Things haven’t quite settled down enough but they are getting closer each week.  I suspect I’ll be where I need to be by Summer.  Spending much of my time working on freelance work and trying to wrap up all my lose ends and creating art.  It’s not that I’d like to create art… It’s that I have to.  I wouldn’t even call it an obsession, it’s more of a compulsion.  I feel compelled to create relational space.  It’s not that it has to be great, it just has to fulfill it’s function, which for me is a vignette of space and time.  My new larger project has yet to be fully orchestrated and thus the more time I spend on creating its players the more I am wanting to scratch that lovely little self contained spatial itch.  Creating abstract spatial structure completes me.  It just does. LOL.  Works like this are more of a release that allow me some mental down time as well as some relaxation. There is something wonderful about quietly shading away amidst the din of conversation at the bakery.

Compulsion © Britt Conley


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