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One Fish, Two Fish…

I’ve been busy working on several large scale musical works.  They are nearly 4 feet each and coming along swimmingly 🙂  Despite the rather quick structural ease of each, the detailing is taking a couple of months. As with most musical composition, these have many parts ranging from the infinitesimal punctuations only intimately visible to grander pairings and coalesced groupings.  Like the fish below, they are individual parts that create and propel the composition’s interplay.  As for this fish, After spending hours and hours focusing on composing a symphony of graphite, it’s nice just to have a day off with a simple fish.  Drew this while enjoying some tea by the fireplace at Starnucks.  Yes, I said Starnucks. 😉 Spent the last hour back in the fray with my musical musings and loving it’s progress.  Will grab the time to draw more of these smaller works over the next week and get them posted.

One Fish, Two Fish...


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