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Entanglements Within

Despite the lack of postings here, I’m in the middle of doing some really wonderful and far more complex works than what I’ve been posting the past few years.  That said, it’s a private world until it’s all complete.  It may be a while before anyone gets to see the fruits of these labors.  They will culminate into 25 large scale works.  I’m working on #4 as we speak.  In the mean time I’ll try to post some of the sketches I’ve been managing when I have the down time and have a need to express something completely different 🙂

Today’s is a portrait, I started a few weeks ago. One the things I love about human beings is how time and experience often display themselves across ones face.  The character of a life lived is endlessly intriguing.  But not everyones psyche emanates with ease, some simply have the look of entanglements within.  I love these moments, they define the person, they are living history… the moments leading up to grand decisions. They show the wear and tear one is muddling through, and that it is in fact forcing their hand.  I don’t like to see pain, but these reflecting moments are the very essence of our experiences. The experiential considering and weighing between our heart and brain is what makes us stunningly human.  They also express ones depth, care and love.  In a world where many are too busy running the hamster wheel while ordering coffee, it’s nice to see the voicing of real human experience in full swing.  After all, that is when we are at our best.

This is messy and yet clearly compartmentalized, delineated and yet undefined… It’s man and the structure of being.

Entanglements Within © Britt Conley


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