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Take Five


A while back, a friend stopped by and pointed out the importance of keeping some of by best work for myself.  If everything goes away, you have nothing left representing your proudest creative moments.  Very good point.  Despite my attempt to pull out a few works here and there, I find now again a visitor arrives who honestly seems to love the works as much as I do.  In these few cases, I find myself wrapping up the works and watching them go to a lovely appreciated home.  On this last occasion,  I had decided to keep Take Five and ended up selling it to a lovely family.  I did ask, if I could photograph it first.  They came back this weekend and left with the drawing.  Then, he came back!  I thought, Oh no, what could be wrong?  He reminded me to sign it!!!!  I had forgotten.  I put it in a very inconspicuous place.  In fact, too integrated.  After realizing it, I added a second signature and dated it.  This may be the only one with two Britt’s on it!  LOL.  I’m rather glad about this.  To me it makes it an even rarer piece with a great story.  I hope it increases in value some day.  The couple were very kind and it’s nice to see they are true jazz lovers 🙂

Dave Brubecks Take Five drawn by Britt Conley © 2014




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