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Take Five

  A while back, a friend stopped by and pointed out the importance of keeping some of by best work for myself.  If everything goes away, you have nothing left representing your proudest creative moments.  Very good point.  Despite my…

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Drawing Show!!!

Well, after a few years and a lot of drawing, much that was never posted, I'm finally having a drawing show.  at the Lorton Workhouse Arts Center Studios, where I've been happily creating away.  Busy working a massive visual musical…

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In and of Itself

As mentioned previously, I'm working on numerous projects right now.  One of which is simple shapes. ( They counter the mental haul I'm having to endure over my big project and allow me to explore the purity of shape for shapes…

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I drew these for my Mom back in May.  She was going through a rough time.  Well she is again and thus I am posting them again.  She deserves all the flowers she can get.  She was rushed to the…

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